صلح کی ضرورت واہمیت اور عصرِ حاضر میں اس کی افادیت


  • Mushtaq Ahmed Badeeni Research Scholar Dept. of Islamic Studies, Baluchistan University.
  • Tahira Firdous Dept. of Islamic Studies, Baluchistan University.


Reconciliation, Need of Reconciliation, Reconciliation in the modern world


Islam is the religion of peace. Over billions of people around the world are followers of Islam. There can be no greater argument supporting Islam as a religion of peace than the name of the religion itself. Islam literally means peace, therefore, it seems quite unnatural that a religion that names itself peace can teach or preach something that is violent or full of aggression. Allah Almighty in Quran has encouraged the establishment of peace and has told the followers of Islam to be moderate in their behavior and adopt the qualities of kindness, love, and respect for others. There are so many Hadith on the importance of peace in Islam that we will discuss in this article. The root of the word Islam is silm, refers to “making peace, being in a mutually peaceful environment, finding peace, reaching salvation and well-being or being far from danger, attaining goodness, comfort and favor, keeping away from troubles and disasters, submitting the self and obeying, respect, being far from wrong. Islam is a peaceful religion. It stands for peace and desires peace. The basis of Islam is peace. Islam wants peace for its followers and all the other residents of the world. A true Muslim is the one who truly follows Islam, someone who is at perfect peace, with himself and with others. As our beloved Prophet Muhammad () said, mentioned in the Hadith collections of Tirmidhi and Nasai: A true believer (mumin) is he from whom people’s lives and wealth are safe.” Allah wants a Muslim to live in a safe and peaceful environment and to make efforts for the spread and continuity of peace in society for him and for all others. Muslims should respect others and try to maintain peace and should follow the straight path. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad () was sent as nothing but mercy to all the mankind. If the bringer of a religion is nothing but mercy and in His Brought Truth, there is no compulsion then the impression that Islam promotes violence seems illogical. Thus, Islam in its true preaching is nothing but peace.



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